Mitzpeh Yair

An observation deck, constructed around a perfectly formed scrub oak tree, serves as a major attraction for visitors to the site. The observation point was designed by the sculptor Ron Morin and consists of hand-made boulders embedded with plaques providing a description and history of the surrounding area.

The observation deck provides a panoramic view of the golden Dome of the Rock in the Old City, Mount Sc opus and most of Jerusalem and Bethlehem and the Church of the Nativity. Stairs lead down from the deck to an ancient stone quarry where construction material for the buildings in the adjacent archeological site was mined.

Mitzpeh Yair is a living memorial for Yair Engel, a third generation member of Ramat Rachel and grandson of two of its founders. Yair died in a diving accident in 1996 during his military service.


Mitzpeh Yair

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